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Alvin Rosenfeld. Photo by Eric Rudd, Indiana University
Arts and Humanities

Ask the expert: Antisemitism and how to combat hate

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Trees in the upper canopy layer provide important ecosystem functions, such as a higher carbon se...
Science and Technology

Young trees more susceptible to drought, but also more resilient

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The West Bay area ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Arts and Humanities,Campus Life,Global

Media School students bring fandom to class in World Cup course

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Freight rail strike could disrupt U.S. supply chain: IU experts available to comment


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Marquita Walker

Marquita Walker is the interim chair and associate professor of labor studies at the IU School of Social Work. Most of her research explores a theoretical approach and practical application to the (re)entry of workers into the workforce and the protection of workers’ rights. Her contributions to the literature on low-wage worker organizing, the unequal power balance between labor and management, and the collective’s fight for economic standing increases her prominence as a scholar in the field of labor studies.

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2022 Midterm Elections experts

IU experts are ready to talk about the election

Americans are set to determine who controls Congress as they head to the polls for the first general election during President Joe Biden’s administration, shaping the future of his legislative success. Indiana University experts are available to discuss the issues mobilizing voters, as well as the election process.

The Climate Action Planning Committee includes students, faculty and staff. Photo by Eric Rudd, I...

Trustees hear update on Climate Action Planning Committee

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Katy Börner, Victor H. Yngve distinguished professor of engineering and information science and ...
Science and Technology

NIH awards $11 million for Human Reference Atlas projects

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