IU exposes the truth with online tools that track the spread of misinformation

Bots manipulate public opinion, threatening democracy. Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media develops digital tools to detect bot activity and help the public sort fact from fiction online.

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IU Bloomington climbs 10 spots in U.S. News rankings, listed again as a top 40 public university

IU Bloomington remains in the top 40 of public universities, while the Kelley School of Business has made the U.S. News top 10 again. IU's other campuses are also recognized.

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Tax law and policy expert and professor at @IUMaurerLaw, @davidsgamage has consulted with presidential candidate Se… https://t.co/X9WZ8SEPMJ

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Gun violence symposium offers public health approach to growing crisis

IU Bloomington



The IU School of Public Health-Bloomington will host a symposium focused on gun violence research on Friday, Sept. 13., to help address the growing crisis from a public health perspective. The event is free and open to the public.