Media Studios

Film and broadcast in our studios

We regularly accommodate media requests for live, on-camera or audio-only faculty interviews. HD-broadcast-level studio-facility costs are waived for on-camera guests affiliated with Indiana University. IU Bloomington and its IU-Radio/Television Services unit offers technical coordination assistance.

Schedule an interview

To arrange a studio interview on the Bloomington campus or the IUPUI campus, contact Chuck Carney at 812-855-1892 or


Bloomington media studios

For broadcast television

Indiana University offers a single HD camera “headshot” broadcast television studio facility with IFB and microphone, complete with HD 1080i fiber transmission (2-way), via Level 3 (Vyvx). Requesting broadcast networks are responsible for booking transmission windows directly with Level 3 (Vyvx), and associated fees.

For IP-based Skype interviews

Indiana University offers a single HD camera Skype interview capability, with IFB and microphone, from the same “headshot” studio.

For broadcast audio-only

Indiana University provides broadcast level audio-only interviews, live or recorded, via audio over IP technology, from the WFIU radio station facility within the Radio and Television Services building through these two options:

  • Via Comrex: Interfaces to requesting radio station/producer Comrex unit, Brick and Merlin/Tie-line units. (audio over IP, AoIP) G722, AAC-LC encoding.
  • Via Intraplex: Interfaces to requesting radio station/producer Intraplex unit; this includes IPBS NPR stations, NPR national, and other codec that provide G722, AAC-LC, MPEG2, MPEG3, Opus encoding over IP.

IUPUI media studios

The IUPUI Communication Technology Laboratory is made up of several areas in Cavanaugh Hall containing equipment for the production of audio, video, photography, and graphics.

The media studio contains all the necessary equipment for studio-based video production, audio recording, and studio photography. It includes three HD cameras, one teleprompter, one LED/LCD monitor, nine microphone lines, four output headphone distribution amplifiers, lighting equipment, and assorted set and prop pieces.

Multipurpose Lab

The multipurpose lab is the hub of the communication lab. It includes an audio record booth and four digital workstations that are equipped with Final Cut, Adobe, Microsoft, and other software applications.

Control Room

The control room contains all the necessary equipment for studio-based video production, video editing, and multi-track audio production. The engineering area also supports limited video duplication.