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IU experts available to comment on earthquakes, safety tips on day of Great ShakeOut drill

October 17, 2019

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- On Oct. 17, Indiana University campuses participated in the Great ShakeOut, a nationwide earthquake drill. While earthquakes may seem to be more of a West Coast problem, they can -- and do -- happen in Indiana. The state has dozens of fault lines, many of them in the southwestern corner of the state, extending into Illinois and northern Kentucky. Earthquake expert Polly Sturgeon of Indiana University's Indiana Geological and Water Survey is available to talk to media about what causes earthquakes, safety tips and seismic activity in Indiana and the Midwest. For more information, contact Andrea Zeek at 317-985-6004 or

Polly Sturgeon

Geology, geology education, rocks and minerals, earthquakes and seismic information, seismic preparation and readiness, meteorites.

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Polly Sturgeon is the geologic education outreach specialist for the Indiana Geological and Water Survey. As part of the Information Services division, she provides reliable earth science resources to schools, industry professionals and the general public. (more)

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Polly Sturgeon
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