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April 2, 2020
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Big News

Indiana University trustee election postponed one year

This story has been covered by: The Bloomington Herald-Times.

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The Atlantic

We need 1 million tests a week

Written by Aaron E. Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. Although President Trump claimed (Monday) that coronavirus testing is no longer a problem, the fact is that the U.S. is still not testing enough. A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute estimates, based on peak demand of past flu seasons, that we need to conduct at least 750,000 tests a week, and this may be a conservative suggestion. Other groups estimate that we need to test more than 1 million people a week. At the moment we're testing less than half as many people, and not necessarily where the need is greatest. 

The Conversation

'We don't talk in terms of supply numbers, we talk in terms of days'

Written by W. Graham Carlos, Chief of Medicine for Eskenazi Health; Bicentennial Professor for Indiana University, Pulmonary & Critical Care Attending Physician, Indiana University School of Medicine. Brown paper bags line the windowsill of the COVID-19 intensive care unit at Eskenazi Hospital in downtown Indianapolis. The bags are filled with the N95 masks we're reusing, labeled with the handwritten names of my staff: Patrick, Angela, Brittany. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. As of this writing, we are caring for more than double our average number of ICU patients and using more than triple our average number of ventilators. We expect those numbers to keep climbing.


AUDIO: Should you be wearing a mask?

The CDC could soon be changing its guidelines on whether the American public should be wearing masks to combat the spread of COVID-19. What does the data say about mask usage? And how do we calculate the answer for ourselves? Guest: Aaron E. Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Indianapolis Monthly

Does Carmel have a spending problem?

(Mayor Jim) Brainard ... downplays the percentage of Carmel's annual budget that goes toward paying back debt. "If you buy a house, banks will generally let you go up to 28 or 30 percent of your income," he says. "We don't go that high. We keep it right around 20 percent. And in five years, without any additional debt, we'd be down around 14 percent." But Craig Johnson, an associate professor in Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, scoffs at Brainard's assertion that those figures are a cause for celebration. "That's astronomical," he says. "When you start getting into the 5 to 10 percent range as a city, that's a warning zone. When you're above 10 percent, that's very, very serious." What's more, Johnson believes there's no reason for thriving Carmel not to hold S&P's top credit rating, which he says would allow the city to minimize borrowing costs. "Carmel is one of the wealthiest communities in the state," he says. "They should have the highest credit rating in Indiana."


'Flattening the curve' may pose tough challenge for autistic people

People with autism often have anxiety and struggle with even small changes to their routine. To prepare their autistic clients for major life transitions, psychologists usually start talking with them months in advance. But the pandemic "isn't a gradual change that they could have been prepared for," says Jill Fodstad, associate professor of clinical psychology at Indiana University (School of Medicine) in Indianapolis. Without the daily rhythms of school, work and familiar outings, she and others warn, people with autism may have trouble regulating their emotions and keeping their anxiety in check.

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