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October 9, 2020
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Pioneering $4M gift for IU McKinney School of Law focuses on LGBTQ rights and diversity

This story has been covered by: RTV6, Inside Indiana Business.

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The Bloomington Herald-Times

IU reports fourth week of declining COVID positivity rates

Indiana University has reported a decline in COVID-19 testing positivity rates for the fourth consecutive week. In addition, there has been no clear evidence of COVID-19 transmission in an IU classroom this semester, according to an update posted Wednesday on the university's online testing dashboard. IU's medical response team is working on a more detailed analysis of transmissions. The update also highlighted an extremely low mitigation positivity rate for IU employees. Out of 4,968 faculty and staff members tested across all IU campuses since classes began Aug. 24, there have been only 11 positive results for a rate of 0.2%. There were no positive cases identified among the 863 faculty and staff members tested across all IU campuses the week starting Sept. 27.

The Bloomington Herald-Times

IU researcher seeks help documenting 'bird strikes'

Just before the light of the morning sun begins to shine in the eastern sky, Sarah Wanamaker is out on the Indiana University campus looking at the ground around six of the campus buildings with most windows. Her daily, three- to four-hour search takes her along sidewalks, into the bushes and in the "off-road" areas where most people might not look. Wanamaker is looking for dead birds killed by hitting the windows of campus buildings for a research project to determine how many birds are killed by "bird strikes." Each time she finds a dead bird, she records data about it and its location and the nearby building and takes photos. As lab manager for IU professor Ellen Ketterson and a research associate with the IU Environmental Resilience Institute, she knows about birds. "The goal of my project is to work toward a solution to make IU a bird-safe place," she explained.

IU Voices in the News

ABC Radio National

AUDIO: Amnesty International forced to halt its operations in India

Last week, Indian authorities froze the bank accounts of Amnesty International's Indian arm, without warning, forcing it to cease operations and lay off staff. Amnesty International India says this is the culmination of a 'pattern of harassment’ by the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and it comes at a time when human rights violations, particularly against India’s 200 million Muslims, are on the rise. Guests: Professor Sumit Ganguly, distinguished professor of political science and the Rabindranath Tagore chair in Indian cultures and civilizations at Indiana University, Bloomington.


VIDEO: CDK4/6 inhibitors in early breast cancer: Different trial results means good science

Hi. It's Dr Kathy Miller from Indiana University. I just finished a phenomenal science weekend at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) virtual congress, and I want to share some of the breast cancer data with you. I remember being taught early in my career that a hallmark of good science, whether it's conducted in a laboratory or in the clinic, is that it forces you to ask more questions than it answers. And if that is the case, we saw some really good science this weekend. I want to review two sets of studies with you that have seemingly similar study designs but came to dramatically different conclusions.


AUDIO: Trump moves -- his recent policy actions and scandals before the 2020 presidential elections

On today's edition of Bring It On!, hosts, Clarence Boone and William Hosea, assess the recent political actions and scandals of Donald J. Trump in light of the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. To help them sort through the myriad issues involved are Professor Joseph L. Hoffman and USMC Major General Craig Q. Timberlake (Ret.). Today's show provides an assessment of the complexity and constitutionality of issues like Trump's impact on the military, his recent tax avoidance/evasion woes, the September 29th Presidential Debate, the nomination of conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and Trumps repeated refusal to agree to a peaceful transfer of power should Biden win the election. Professor Joseph L Hoffman, an award-winning scholar and law teacher, is the Harry Pratter Professor of Law at the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University and a past recipient of the Law School Gavel Award.

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