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December 14, 2020
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Nationwide study into COVID-19 infection, reinfection, immunity backed by philanthropic investment

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Unprecedented study details state of cybersecurity preparedness in Indiana

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Indiana Daily Student

Dr. Lana Dbeibo named Director of Vaccine Initiatives at IU

Dr. Lana Dbeibo was named director of vaccine initiatives Monday, according to an update from IU President Michael McRobbie. Dbeibo, an assistant professor of Clinical Medicine, joined the Medical Response Team on Monday, according to the update. Drs. Cole Beeler, Aaron Carroll and Adrian Gardner also lead the team. ... With recent progress in vaccine development, McRobbie is optimistic about the coming year, according to the update. "Our ultimate goal, of course, is to return to the world as it was pre-COVID-19," McRobbie said in the update. "Some recent steadily brightening rays of hope suggest that this may well begin to happen by the fall 2021 semester."

Indianapolis Business Journal

2020 CFO of the Year: Camille 'Camy' Broeker

Camille Broeker, (vice chancellor of finance and administration at IUPUI), is responsible for the financial oversight of the IUPUI campus, including its $1.65 billion operating budget, and is IUPUI’s liaison to the broader Indiana University administration in the areas of public safety, purchasing, emergency management and continuity, and environmental health and safety. Broeker has either led or participated in the financial modeling behind new campus housing (North Hall), the conversion of the University Place Hotel into a residence hall (University Tower), the development of the Fairbanks School of Public Health, and construction of the IUPUI Campus Center, the Center for Young Children and Innovation Hall, which will provide additional research and teaching space. She has also been instrumental in developing a partnership with the Walker Legacy Center that resulted in the renovation of Walker Theatre on Indiana Avenue.

IU Voices in the News


Put down that productivity app. It's making you more distracted.

Study after study has found that multitasking -- in particular what's known as "media multitasking," or switching from screen to screen, is bad for your cognitive processes and ability to stay on task. One recent review found that those who self-identify as "heavy media multitaskers" had worse working memories and struggled more to pay attention to their tasks. ... "We are not wired to engage in multitasking," says Cristiano Guarana, an assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. "And when we get an interruption, it takes some time to go back to the same mindset."

The Indianapolis Star

Mask up: Health-care workers ask Hoosiers to sign pledge to stop virus

In the past week, Dr. Gabriel Bosslet has taken care of multiple COVID patients who have died alone, without their families by their sides. He has seen how stretched and stressed he and his colleagues have become, particularly those who work in smaller hospitals that may have few critical care doctors on staff. And those heartbreaking experiences have spurred him to act. Bosslet, who works at IU Health University Hospital and Eskenazi Health, is spearheading an effort to convince Hoosiers to sign a pledge to slow the spread. The Hoosier COVID Crisis petition calls for people to avoid gatherings, wear a mask, get the vaccine when it's available and advocate for government financial support for people suffering the pandemic's economic effects. ... "This is a voice for those people to say, we're all in this together," said Bosslet, also an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine. "I think the minority is very vocal and the majority didn't have a microphone."

Indianapolis Business Journal

Una Osili: Data, funding can ensure fair vaccine distribution

Written by Una Osili, professor of economics and associate dean for research and international programs at Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. As the year ends, the promise of COVID-19 vaccines has brightened financial markets and economic outlooks. As of Dec. 1, more than 136 vaccine trials are being tracked by the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker. Scientists are working at a breathtaking pace, with human clinical trials on 57 vaccines in 37 countries. Global cooperation among scientists, governments and businesses has made the difference in a worldwide effort to stop this devastating pandemic. Yet, as promising as the news is, the manufacture and delivery of vaccines must remain a priority. To reach target populations worldwide, sustained research, data collection and analysis are critical.


VIDEO: IUPUI Professor Shandy Dearth discusses COVID-19 vaccine approval

Anchor Shelley Kirk spoke with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Professor Shandy Dearth Thursday about the FDA process to approve the COVID-19 vaccine.

Indiana Environmental Reporter

Trump EPA finalizes cost-benefit rule on air pollution regulations

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the finalization of a rule that could result in the agency's deeming most new air pollution regulation proposals too expensive to implement. ... Former acting assistant administrator for the EPA's Office of Air and Radiation Janet McCabe said the rule will make regulations look like they cost more than they do, giving regulated industries a legal basis to bring legal challenges to future rules. "A lot of the things that are called for in this rule I think the EPA already does, but by putting them in a rule, it turns it into something that can form the basis of a legal challenge to the rule," said McCabe, who serves as director of Indiana University's Environmental Resilience Institute. "I'm presuming that the reason they moved it along this fast is to make sure that they could get those things done before the new administration comes in."


2 UK patients experience 'significant' COVID vaccine side effects

Two British healthcare workers who got Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine developed severe reactions shortly after receiving their first doses. Both of them have serious allergies, and carry adrenaline auto injectors like an EpiPen with them at all times. It appears they needed to use the devices when they developed an anaphylactoid reaction after getting the shot. ... Experts say this does not mean the vaccine is not safe for the general population. "When we have vaccine trials, sometimes we don't find all of the side effects or the negative adverse reactions that might happen when it's released to the general population. So they fact that they are monitoring it, they're catching these things, that's a good sign," said IUPUI Communications Studies professor Katharine Head.

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