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2022 by the numbers

Highlighting the scale of support UITS provided to the IU community in 2022

News and events Feb 2, 2023

In 2022, UITS staff members provided Indiana University students, staff, and faculty with a variety of technology-related support and services—from Canvas to Zoom. Below are just a few data points to illustrate the scale of support UITS provided to the IU community.



Canvas makes teaching easier with a virtual classroom where teachers and students can create, store, and share a wide variety of educational tools.

Total number of Canvas sessions: 46,963,133


Device connections

IU’s network supports faculty, staff, and student devices.

The highest number of unique devices connected to the campus network in 2022: 243,190


Duo and security

Duo provides Two-Step Login and security for IU students, faculty, and staff.

Duo access requests granted: 21,376,378

Duo access requests denied:  1,491,682

Duo enrollments: 54,814

Active interdictions to prevent access to known malicious sites: 4,402,427



As any member of the IU family will admit, emails are essential to their classes, research, and other work.

Emails delivered: 1.8 billion

Spam/threat emails blocked: 662 million


Knowledge Base

The IU Knowledge Base addresses topics about information technology at IU. The Knowledge Management team works with technology service providers throughout IU to make both public and internal information available for the IU community.

Worldwide page views: 8.6 million

IU community page views: 1.6 million

Content changes

  • New documents created: 448
  • Documents archived: 401
  • New images created: 322
  • Images archived: 163


Student Appointment Scheduler

The Student Appointment Scheduler allows students to locate an academic advisor, success coach, or peer coach and schedule an advising appointment.

Appointments scheduled using Student Appointment Scheduler: 369,236


Support Center

The UITS Support Center provides IT support to all IU campuses.

Phone calls: 66,712

Chats: 18,206

Emails: 27,942

Walk-ins: 16,915



Zoom allows faculty, students, and staff to connect, share, and learn over any distance.

Total number of Zoom minutes: 427,531,012

Total number of Zoom meetings: 2,370,510

Total number of Zoom participants: 9,293,631

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