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2022 year in review

A look back on the incredible accomplishments achieved through partnerships, research, student and staff success by the Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO.

News and events Dec 13, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, it is important to look back on the year and recognize the incredible accomplishments achieved through partnerships, research, student and staff success by the Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO. 


Promotions and new leaders

OVPIT promoted and recruited staff to key positions that are vital to the IU mission. 

Sabrina Andrews joined IU as associate vice president, Institutional Analytics.

Jamey Brooks promoted to director of Client Support.

Momi Ford promoted to associate vice president, Client Support.

Lora Fox promoted to associate vice president, Enterprise Systems.

Madeline Grdina, promoted to director, Enterprise Experience.

Michele Kelmer promoted to director of faculty engagement and outreach.

Aaron Neal promoted to deputy CIO.

Patrick Phillips promoted to associate vice president, Client Technology Support. 

Susan Sons promoted to executive director of OmniSOC.

Mark Spencer promoted to director of telecommunications infrastructure. 

Jason Williams joined IU as chief information security officer. 

Jim Williams rejoined IU as director of international networks.

Dan Young promoted to chief data architect and director, Institutional Data Services.


Leadership recognition

UITS staff members were recognized for their talent, skills, and dedication.

Stephanie Cox selected as Next Leaders Fellow. 

UITS emergency management director Cinda Haff honored with presidential award.


Student success and opportunities

UITS continues to foster relationships with up-and-coming technology professionals through internships, K-12 experiences, and events.

Idea Garden welcomes K-12 students with program focused on providing important knowledge on new and emerging technology. 

OmniSOC cybersecurity internship offered valuable experience to college students. 

A research career in HPC: IU student, Maryam Zahedian, advances using IU HPC resources. 

IU students awed by the scale of the Supercomputing 2022, an international super computing conference held in Dallas, Texas.

CACR and WonderLab hosted Cybercamp 2022 titled “Codemakers and Codebreakers,” for middle and high school students.


Group of students holding Innovator's Certificate.

The IUPUI Upward Bound program for K-12 students allowed them to gain hands-on experience with new and exciting technology.

Staff engagement

UITS staff members built comradery and community throughout 2022.  

The 2022 Statewide IT conference focuses on student success. 

UITS hosted a Cornhole Tournament alongside the first in-person Chili CookOff since the pandemic. 

UITS staff members showed off their creativity with a Halloween costume contest.

UITS launched VPIT Voice and VPIT Voice Live series.


Jeannette Lehr pictured with her first place Chili CookOff trophy.

Jeannette Lehr pictured with her first place Chili CookOff trophy.

UITS staff members pose as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus for Halloween.


UITS staff member poses as Dr. Rick from the Progressive commercial for Halloween.


UITS staff member Vale Hettlinger poses as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty for Halloween.



Winners of the UITS Halloween Costume Contest for Best Group, Funniest, and Scariest Costume. Associate Vice Presidents Lora Fox, Sabrina Andrews, and Momi Ford as the Sanderson Sisters, Human Resources Director Joe Farrell as Dr. Rick, and Principal Software Engineer Vale Hettlinger as Maleficient.


Research and grants 

In 2022, OVPIT helped contribute to groundbreaking scientific research across multiple fields.

IU researcher improves choice modeling using Carbonate supercomputer. 

Indiana University–led Jetstream enables new black hole research. 

Researching 1 billion years of cosmic history with IU’s Big Red 200 supercomputer. 

IU launched Jetstream2 which brings high performance computing to more academic communities. 

Members of UITS staff helped form the Midwest Consortium, a collection of like-minded researchers from universities across the midwest. 

IU was awarded $300k grant for Exsophere project.

IU was awarded $2.1 million grant for Cybeshuttle project.

IU and Internet2 announce new three-year agreement.



In 2022, OVPIT units partnered with a variety of companies, universities, and like-minded individuals to ensure a better, brighter, and more secure future for all.

IU a part of first-of-its kind cybersecurity partnership with Purdue and State of Indiana. 

IU connects researchers from across the globe with the Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE) 

Clemson University, DeSales University, and Lehigh University joined OmniSOC. 

REDCap supports IU School of Medicine international COVID-19 vaccine research with AstraZeneca partnership. 

Cyberinfrastructure Integration Research Center and HathiTrust Research Center partner to enhance cybersecurity for Analytics Gateway. 

IU launches First Responder Smart Tracking Challenge, the R2 Portal’s First Community, in Partnership with the R2 Network. 

REN-ISAC and Fortinet sign partnership agreement.


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