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IU’s Mosaic Initiative welcomes new fellows

10 new faculty members were welcomed into the Mosaic Initiative at the Mosaic Institute, a day-long experience on IUPUI’s campus

News and events Oct 20, 2022

Creating dynamic and engaging classrooms that help students learn is the goal of IU’s Mosaic Initiative which just welcomed its eleventh group of Faculty Fellows. The Initiative, which began in 2015, now has over 125 Fellows from across Indiana University. 

The Mosaic Faculty Fellows program provides an opportunity for faculty to engage in active learning practices in their own teaching and with other Mosaic Fellows. The program focuses on preparing faculty to teach in active learning classrooms, building a community among faculty members across all IU campuses, promoting evidence-based teaching, and creating faculty leaders.

People often think Mosaic is focused on technologically advanced classrooms. And that’s just not true. It’s about supporting all IU classrooms and learning to use them to the best of their abilities.

Tracey Birdwell, director of the Mosaic program


The 10 new cohort members are:

  • Charmayne Champion-Shaw, director and lecturer in Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS), Department of American Indian Programs
  • Mary Ann Cohen, senior lecturer, English, IUPUI Writing Program 
  • Leslie Etienne, director of Africana Studies Program, Founding Executive Director of the Center for Africana Studies and Culture, Clinical Assistant Professor of Africana Studies
  • Ricardo Guimaraes lecturer in Management, Kelley School of Business Indianapolis
  • Karen Garrity, lecturer, Department of Education and director of School and Community Relations
  • Heaven Hollender, clinical assistant professor, Department of Health Sciences
  • Kathryn Lauten, senior lecturer in French, Department of World Languages and Cultures, director of Program in French
  • Tonja Padgett, clinical assistant and Interim Department Chair, Science of Nursing Care
  • Tom Parry, assistant professor of Health Sciences, School of Sciences
  • Patricia Turley, clinical assistant professor of Africana Studies


Birdwell said one unique aspect of the Mosaic Institute is how it brings together educators from departments across the university with the goal of learning more about active learning classrooms.  

“It’s very valuable to see the commonality between everyone.” Mary Ann Cohen, a senior lecturer in English at IUPUI Writing Program said.   

“I took part in a fellowship just like Mosaic when I was younger,” Jay Gladden, associate vice president for Learning Technologies said. “And as I progressed in my career, I strongly believe in programs that bring faculty from multiple disciplines together with a common goal. They are incredibly beneficial to the faculty, instructors, and students. It’s one of the reasons I’m so grateful to the Mosaic Initiative and the great work Tracey does.”  

The new fellows met in person on September 9 at IUPUI, where they spent the day exploring active learning technology and getting to know not only their fellow cohorts, but the senior fellows as well.   

Senior fellows remain active in the program, engaging in research and working with stakeholders at IU and other universities all over the world. Several senior fellows attended  

“My experience was so positive and has opened new doors and new connections,” Shamima Mithun, a senior lecturer of Computer and Information Technology and senior Mosaic fellow, said and goes on to highlight how teaching in an active learning classroom is both beneficial and enjoyable to her students.


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