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Top tips for making the move from Box

IU is retiring the cloud storage service—here are some pointers on cleaning out your Box folders and preparing for the migration

Services and support Apr 30, 2020

Box cloud storage will be retired soon, and we want to help you prepare. Student, faculty, and staff files will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. Learn more about the migration hereYou can choose where we put your data. Fill out this “Find your drive” survey by May 22 to make your choice.

We are planning to break the migration process into two stages. The first stage will be focused on migrating data contained in individually owned Box folders. The second stage will focus on Box folders that are owned by non-personal accounts.

We are currently working out the details of how data stored in Box folders owned by a non-personal account will be migrated. As we finalize those details, we’ll share them with you and non-personal account owners.

START CLEANING NOW. The best thing you can do is delete unnecessary files and remove yourself or your unit from files or folders that you don’t want or need to access.

How do I know which folders I own?

Review your individually owned Box folders which will be migrated during the first stage of migration. This stage is focused on migration of folders, files and collaborations of personally owned box folders. (Non-personal accounts will be moved in a second stage.)

We recommend you do a search of your Box content to identify the folders that you own.  

  1. Using your favorite web browser, login to using your individual IU account.
  2. Locate the search options icon in the search box at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Folders” for File Type and enter your username in the filter option for Owners.
  4. Execute your search by clicking on the search icon in the search box.
  5. You will then be presented with what folders will be migrated during the first stage of migration. Please review this list and identify folders that need to be moved to a non-personal Box account so that it is not migrated as part of this phase.

UITS recommends that institutional and departmental data, including any information that may be needed by IU after you transfer positions or leave the university should be moved into Box folders owned by a non-personal account. This will ensure continuity for your colleagues and the university.

Contact your IT Pro for help. If you don’t have an IT Pro, please contact the UITS Support Center.

What should I do now to prepare for this change?

Do start cleaning now. The best thing you can do is delete unnecessary files and remove yourself or your unit from files or folders that you don’t want or need to access.

Do not start moving to your preferred service yet. Waiting to move all the items at once with SkySync, the migration service UITS will provide, will ensure that file-sharing permissions and folder structure can be maintained. If you start moving now, you could end up with multiple copies of your files.

Save any Box comments you need. Box comments will not be migrated to either Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. If any of these comments are necessary for your records or business process, please cut and paste the information into the file itself or a separate document of your choice (Notepad, Word, Google docs, etc.).

How can our unit prepare?

Investigate current processes around Box. Find out how others within your unit are using Box. Explore the features of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Microsoft OneDrive is the default location for data stored in personal and non-personal accounts. However, if most people in your unit feel more comfortable within the Google ecosystem, it is fine to select that.

UITS anticipates that most users will probably be in both environments because various groups across the university will be more comfortable with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

We recommend that you and your close collaborators choose to move together.

What if I find classified data in my personal Box account?

If protected health information (PHI) information is found, it must be stored in a Box Health Data Account KB help:  

If non-health critical data is found, it should either be moved to an existing Box Entrusted or Box Health account if one is available to you. If one is not available, it can be moved to a folder owned by your organization’s group account. KB help: 

If restricted data is found, it should be moved to an existing Box Entrusted Data Account (BEDA) if one is available to you. If you don’t have a BEDA, it can be moved to a folder owned by your organization’s group account.  KB help:  

Box Health and Box Entrusted accounts will likely be migrated to the Microsoft solution, which is currently the default migration option.  There may be some flexibility to move these documents/files to the Google solution post migration.

More information can be found at

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