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UITS Monitor: Where will you roam?

Monitor newsletter May 29, 2019
WHERE WILL YOU ROAM? Start your journey with eduroam the secure wireless network for all of IU.

UITS news for May 29, 2019

IU wins 2019 Citrix Innovation Award

Award presented for two accessibility tech projects

IU’s commitment to accessibility was recognized with the Citrix Innovation Award, which celebrates bold and innovative solutions to IT’s most complex challenges. IU was selected out of more than a thousand submissions for IUanyWare AT Desktop for Accessible Applications and a virtual desktop for speech and hearing sciences.

Read more about the award

How safe is your inbox?

A new service helps you recognize potential phishing messages

In our continuing crusade against phishing, the IU Security Center now offers a new service called external email flagging to help protect you and your personal information.

After you activate the external email flagging service, messages you receive from non-IU email addresses will have an [External] tag added to the beginning of the subject line. Additionally, a warning is added to the top of the message to remind you to be cautious when clicking links or opening attachments from external sources. 

For more information on how—and why—to avoid email scams, visit

Activate external email flagging

Get ready to rumble!

Ready, Set, Robots! camp registration is open

This popular two-day camp challenges teens to program a robot for a mission to Mars. Working in small teams alongside IU technology professionals and researchers, campers use kits from the LEGO® Mindstorms® series to learn the basic computer programming skills it takes to make the robot complete a set of predetermined tasks. Camps culminate in an exciting Robot Grand Challenge, where each team’s robot struts its stuff.

Three camps to choose from:

June 13-14

June 21-22

July 11-12 (advanced camp)

All camps are from 9am to 3:30pm each day, in the Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB), 2709 E 10th St, IU Bloomington campus.

Register now for Ready, Set, Robots! camp

Register your high school kid for Security Matters Cybercamp

Registration is limited to 50 people, so sign up early

Hosted by the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, Security Matters Cybercamp is a day camp for high school students interested in cybersecurity. The camp features sessions on cybersecurity ethics, cryptography, cybercrime, finding malware, network security, and much more. The keynote speaker will be Jonathan Sweeny, an FBI computer scientist. New this year is a full third day with even more advanced content.

When: June 25, 26, and 27

Where: Hine Hall, IUPUI

Cost: $199 (breakfast and lunch included; parking at no charge)

Learn more about cybercamp

Register for cybercamp >>

Speaker: A look at the future of cybercrime

IU alumnus and FBI computer scientist to give Security Matters Cybercamp keynote

Jonathan Sweeny spent seven years managing an IT security team at IU, responding to 10,000 incidents a year, before becoming a computer scientist for the FBI. He now assists with any investigation that involves complex technologies, such as malware, and deploys around the world to respond to large-scale complex computer intrusions. He also teaches these skills at the FBI Academy.

What: 2020 Cybersecurity Vision: Looking at the Future of Cybercrime

When: June 25, 9:05am

Where: Hine Hall, IUPUI

Register for cybercamp keynote >>

Tired of people mispronouncing your name?

Simplify introductions with NameCoach

Even what we think of as simple names can be mispronounced by those who are unaccustomed to saying them. Solve that problem by recording your name with NameCoach and sharing it.

Watch how NameCoach works

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