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UITS Monitor: Where will you roam?

Monitor newsletter Aug 7, 2019
WHERE WILL YOU ROAM? Start your journey with eduroam- the secure wireless network for all of IU.

UITS news for August 7, 2019

Love a deal? Use your CrimsonCard!

Daily deals available on several campuses through May 2020

Did you know that you can get discounts from local and online retailers when you use your CrimsonCard? Just present or pay with your card to get savings on everything from food to entertainment to phone service.

The following campuses offer the Deal of the Day promotion, featuring daily discounts from local vendors through May 2020:

Don’t miss another day of deals!

Make a deposit or sign up for payroll deduction

Biologists: We have the high performance computing resources you need

Learn more about them at IU Bloomington and IUPUI workshops

The National Center for Genome Analysis (NCGAS) helps researchers interpret and use genomic information. In just four hours, you can learn about the high performance computing resources, other course options, and NCGAS services you can leverage to further your research.

What: HPC Onboarding for Biologists workshop

When and where:

  • IUPUI: August 29, 1pm–5pm, Idea Garden, Hine Hall IP106, 875 W North St
  • IU Bloomington: August 30, 1pm–5pm, Chemistry Building Library, Sciences Classroom C002R

This workshop is part of the Supercomputing for Everyone series.

Register for the IUPUI workshop

Register for the IUB workshop

Hi! My name is…

Ensure proper pronunciation with NameCoach

What’s in a name? Plenty, especially when it’s not pronounced correctly. All staff, faculty, and students at IU have access to NameCoach, a tool for recording your name so others can learn how to pronounce it.

Names can be recorded on your mobile device, a computer microphone, or over the phone, then made available:

  • From your email signature
  • On social media (Linkedin, etc.)
  • Anywhere you choose to share your NameBadge

Now your NameBadge will also appear in the IU Directory after you’ve made the recording. You can even show some school spirit with a crimson NameBadge. So, what are you waiting for—go make a name for yourself!

Find out more about using NameCoach

When supercomputers retire

Big Red II to be decommissioned in preparation for Big Red 200’s installation

Supercomputers reach retirement age a lot faster than the rest of us. We have to wait till our sixties, but Big Red II is long in the tooth at age six. Soon there will be a new kid in town, Big Red 200. Bigger, brighter, faster…Big Red II’s time has come to ride off into the sunset and let the youngster handle all those petaFLOPS of data from here on out.

On November 12, Big Red II will be retired from service. As of that date, users will no longer be able to log into the system. Big Red II home directories will be accessible on Big Red II+, Carbonate, and Karst. New software installations on Big Red II will no longer be accepted beyond October 13, 2019.

Learn more about upcoming changes to research supercomputers at IU

Big Red II+ movin’ on up

Supercomputer expansion will increase compute capacity

Big Red II+ is getting three times as much compute capacity, and moving from a three-cabinet Cray XC30 system to a spacious, five-cabinet Cray XC40 system. Big Red II+ will be offline between September 16 and October 14 to move into its new digs.

Learn more about upcoming changes to research supercomputers at IU

Helping Hoosiers make healthier choices

Mobile app gives Indiana residents chance to take better control of their health

The LIFE Extend app is the first precision health app designed to improve health with evidence-based pillars of health, including physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep. Hoosiers can track their progress and habits with a personalized health timeline. The app also allows users to engage with family, friends, and groups as they work toward their health goals. 

The app was created through a partnership between LifeOmic, the creators of LIFE mobile apps, and the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, a research partnership among Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame.

Learn more about the LIFE Extend app

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