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Monitor newsletter Aug 21, 2019
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UITS news for August 21, 2019

Survey tool Qualtrics now available without fee

Create, distribute, and crunch data from your customized surveys

Qualtrics is now available to all IU faculty, staff, and students without fee. Previously, the cloud-based survey tool required a license for use by individuals or organizations.

So, what does this mean for you? Here’s how you can put Qualtrics to work:

  • Faculty: Embed surveys into Canvas courses, gather data for research projects, collaborate with users across other institutions
  • Students: Develop surveys, plan data collection, and analyze results as part of your coursework 
  • Staff: Embed surveys into HTML websites, survey your department, school, or a custom population to gather data

Learn more about Qualtrics

In the mood for the Duo Mobile app?

It’s a better way to log in to your IU account, while protecting your personal data

IU’s Two-Step Login (Duo) is a proven way to protect your data. In fact, in the two years that IU has been using two-factor authentication, it’s been 99% effective at stopping phishing attacks.

But, are you still using the “call me” or “text me” options to log into your IU account? There’s a better, faster way to complete IU’s two-step login: the Duo Mobile app. It’s the most versatile choice, because it works without a cell phone or Wi-Fi connection, and you are likely to have your smartphone or tablet with you when you need to use Duo.

Read for more Duo app tips and tricks

Connect with Center of Excellence for Women & Technology

Build and enhance your tech skills this academic year

New year, new you? Why not cultivate your career marketability and become involved with the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology?

CEW&T’s mission is clear: to inspire, encourage, and educate IU women in every major to develop and use tech skills to empower and enhance career success.

CEW&T offers a variety of programs and initiatives to meet its mission, including:

Learn why you should connect with CEW&T

IUPUI grad students now have no-fee printing

New printing allotments mean they get up to 650 fee-free pages per semester

Thanks to new print allotments for IUPUI graduate students beginning this semester, they can print papers and projects and not incur any extra fees.

Here’s how the allotment works. Each graduate student is allotted a number of print credits each semester, based on the number of graduate credit hours enrolled:

  • Full time (4 or more credit hours): 26
  • Part time (3 or fewer credit hours): 13
  • Admitted, not enrolled: 2

Note: Each credit allows the student to print 25 black and white pages or four color pages, up to a maximum of 650 black-and-white pages per semester.

Read more about IU Print allotments

Students: Get your Game On!

Save the date for UITS’s annual gaming and tech event

Coming to an IU campus near you this fall, Game On! lets you take part in video game battles and even experiment with a VR headset, all while learning how tech at IU can save you time and money.

Plus we’ll give you fun stuff to take home just for showing up and talking to us. (Hint: One of these may be a super soft, super cool T-shirt.)

Supercomputing for Everyone—all the time

Series of high-performance computing courses helps you build your skills

The Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES) aims to bring more users into the realm of advanced computing, whether it be visualization, computation, analytics, storage, or any related discipline.

The series now offers two courses through IU’s professional education portal, IU Expand, allowing you to take the courses at your own pace, wherever you are. Just search for “supercomputing” at to sign up.

Do you prefer to learn in person? Register now to hold your seat for these upcoming courses:

See the full list of courses, offered online and in person this semester

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