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UITS Monitor: Special edition of the Monitor

Monitor newsletter Aug 28, 2020

UITS news for August 28, 2020

What’s going on?

In light of Zoombombing incidents experienced by IU student groups this week, UITS is sharing information about how to safeguard your Zoom sessions.

What is Zoombombing?

Zoombombing occurs when uninvited users gain access to your Zoom session and share inappropriate content or otherwise cause disruptions.

What can I do to safeguard my Zoom sessions?

Visit the Keep Teaching site for resources to secure your Zoom session before it starts, and to learn actions you can take once the session begins, including:

Students leading group or organization Zoom sessions should be aware of these safety precautions, instituting them when creating sessions and managing meetings.

What should I do if my session is Zoombombed?

If you experience unauthorized users disrupting your session, report it to Protect.IU as a non-emergency IT security incident.

Upcoming Zoom changes

Starting September 27, Zoom will require either a passcode (formerly referred to as passwords) or waiting room to be configured for all meetings.

By default, Zoom will enable a waiting room for your meetings if a passcode has not been added or a waiting room hasn’t been set up in advance. If you’ve already enabled a passcode or waiting room, there will be no change to how you schedule meetings.

We’re a team

It’s important that we all work together as one IU community to keep our digital campus safe.

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