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UITS Monitor: Protect Zoom sessions

Monitor newsletter Sep 10, 2020
Protect Zoom sessions. Learn how to keep intruders out.

UITS news for September 10, 2020

Keep Zoom sessions safe and secure

Simple steps will protect you and keep intruders out.

Whether you’re teaching, learning, working, or running a workshop, you’re likely spending part of every day on Zoom right now. Increased time on Zoom leads to increased opportunities for malicious behavior, like the recent Zoombombings experienced by some IU student groups.

Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to safeguard your meetings:

  • Require a passcode or a waiting room
  • Share your passcode only with people who should attend the meeting
  • Report disruptions as a non-emergency security incident or privacy concern 

Watch a video about Zoom safety

Think outside Box. Group accounts are moving soon.

Take a webinar to learn how to prepare for the group account move.  

Now that individual accounts have been migrated, it is time to start preparing to move the files owned by group or non-individual accounts. We’ll soon be sharing detailed moving information about this phase of the Box migration with group account owners.

For details on the Box migration, visit:

The experts at IT Training are offering webinars to help you prepare for migration from Box to Microsoft and Google. If you can’t attend live webinars, recordings are available to view at your convenience.

IT Training webinar series

Being prompted to log in again?

This may be required as all applications migrate to new version of IU Login.

A few IU applications, like Canvas, have moved to a new version of IU Login. If you’ve already logged in to an application on the old version, you’ll be prompted to log in again when visiting any application on the newer version. You can expect this experience until all applications migrate to the new IU Login.

To make sure you’re at IU Login and not a phishing site, verify that the web address in the browser begins with (old version) or (new version). Contact your campus Support Center or the University Information Policy Office if you have doubts about whether an IU Login page is legitimate. 

For more on IU Login

Faculty: provide timely feedback with the Student Engagement Roster

SER sends automatic email to student from you.

The Student Engagement Roster (SER) helps you ensure student success, whether it’s attendance, participation, assignments, and more. Once you’ve entered feedback, your student will receive an automatic email message from you, which directs them to the SER.

SER also provides a feedback history for the student. Simply click the student’s name in the roster and the details panel will let you know if your student has seen your message. 

Learn more about closing the loop with SER

Instructors: Be prepared when outages hit

Sign up for the Learning Technologies email list.

When the global Zoom and Canvas outages occurred across campuses as the semester began, the Learning Technologies email list provided important and timely information for faculty.

Sign up for this list to receive important and timely announcements on IU-supported learning technologies such as Canvas and IU eTexts. Messages include news on learning technologies pilots, updates on various applications and tools, and upcoming events and opportunities. 

Go here for more

Prepare for Karst supercomputer retirement

The replacement system will provide significantly more computing power.

The Karst supercomputer at IU will be retired from service in December 2020. Be aware of the following deadlines.

  • You will not be able to log in to Karst after Friday, Dec. 18.
  • Data in the home directories of Karst will remain accessible from the other IU supercomputers, Big Red 3, Carbonate, and the Karst replacement, through Dec. 31, 2021.

The replacement system, available to all IU students, staff, and faculty, will provide significantly more computing power than Karst. More details on the Karst retirement are on the way. 

More details about the Karst retirement

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