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UITS Monitor: Special edition on important Google storage deadlines

Monitor newsletter Oct 26, 2022
Important deadlines for Google at IU data storage

UITS news for October 26, 2022

Special Edition on important Google storage deadlines

Due to increased pricing from Google, the allotment for your individual Google at IU My Drive will be set to 5 GB by the end of 2022. Below are some important deadlines related to Google at IU My Drive and Shared Drive accounts.

November 1: Data owned by users who have left IU

On August 15, separated accounts (those owned by people who have left IU) were set to a quota of zero bytes of data. On November 1, data owned by anyone who has been separated from IU for 30 days or more will be deleted.

If you work with data owned by a separated user or would like to gain ownership of that data, visit the KB doc Manage Google data owned by those who’ve left IU

November 21: My Drive accounts over 5 GB of data storage

If you chose to self-migrate or delete your own data, you have until November 21 to get below 5 GB. On that date, the quota will be put in place and your Google at IU My Drive data will be added to the list of accounts to be migrated by UITS. Those administrative moves will begin on November 29. You will receive two notifications, seven days and one day before your migration is set to take place.   

The Knowledge Base has information about how to migrate files from Google My Drive to Microsoft OneDrive using a Microsoft tool or how to migrate content manually from Google to Microsoft storage.

December 1: Google Shared Drives and IU group accounts

If you have not requested paid access to Google Shared Drives, on December 1, the quota on your Shared Drive will be set to zero. After 30 days, any data remaining in the Shared Drive will be deleted. The same deadlines also apply to IU group accounts and all data must be removed by January 2023. Learn more in the KB doc IU group accounts and data storage in Google at IU My Drive (IU login required).

Remember, your personal Google at IU My Drive account is not appropriate for storing institutional files. The Knowledge Base has information to help you determine if your data is personal or institutional

Need help?

If you have questions about the Google storage changes, drop in to a weekly UITS coffee hour, Wednesdays at 10am ET.  Visit the Knowledge Base for more information about changes to Google storage at IU as well as a list of commonly asked questions. If you have immediate questions or concerns, contact your IT Pro or the UITS Support Center.

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