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UITS Monitor: IU to help secure Indiana’s 2020 elections

Monitor newsletter Oct 31, 2019
IU to help secure Indiana's 2020 elections.

UITS news for October 31, 2019

Landmark $60M gift to establish major initiative in artificial intelligence

IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering to be named for alumnus and technology pioneer Fred Luddy.

Indiana University alumnus and IT pioneer Fred Luddy has given $60 million to establish a multidisciplinary initiative in artificial intelligence at IU based in the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering. This is the second-largest private gift in IU’s history.

The initial focus of this initiative will be on AI approaches to digital health.

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Gamers: Storytelling Game Jam is this Friday!

3-5pm, Nov. 1: Center of Excellence for Women & Technology hosts Game Jam.

Join the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology Game Design Team for a storytelling game jam that continues the Halloween festivities an extra day.

All are welcome, and no previous experience necessary! Attendees can take part in an optional introduction to the game-writing software Twine, and then you’ll get down to business working on your narrative game. 

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What are your pronouns?

Add your gender pronouns in Canvas with NameCoach. 

IU students and faculty can now add their gender pronouns to their NameCoach profiles in Canvas.

NameCoach is a tool for recording your name so others can learn how to pronounce it. You can add your gender pronoun when you record your name, using the drop-down box to make your selection.

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Students: iGPS academic planning tool rolls out new features

iGPS Plan is more user friendly, thanks to functionality improvements.

Here’s some good news for those of you planning your courses for next semester, or even next year. The team at iGPS Plan, IU’s enhanced tool for academic planning, has announced new enrollment features.

Improvements include:

  • The “Course Search” button has been separated from “Degree Maps” so you can access it with one click.
  • Course validation: if you don’t meet the requirement, you will be notified right away.
  • While using “Course Search,” you can either add the course to your plan or view class/section times to add specific classes/sections to your shopping cart. 
  • There is an “Enroll” button on the landing page and in “Single Term” view. This button is a visual cue to remind you when registration is available and takes you directly to Student Center so you can finish enrollment. 
Check out the improved iGPS Plan

Saying goodbye to Big Red II

As IU’s old supercomputer heads off into the sunset, we’ve got your big data needs covered.

You knew it was coming. When IU announced that its latest supercomputer, Big Red 200, will be fully operational on IU’s bicentennial anniversary of January 20, 2020, we began our long goodbye to its predecessor, Big Red II.

The highly successful Big Red II Cray supercomputer, which began service in 2013 but is becoming obsolete, will be retired from service on December 15, 2019.

Requests for new software installations are currently being redirected to Big Red 3, unless the requested software has requirements specific to Big Red II.

More retirement details:

  • You will not be able to login to Big Red II after December 15
  • Data in the home directories of Big Red II will remain accessible from the other IU supercomputers (Big Red 3, Carbonate, and Karst)
  • Big Red 3 features include approximately three times more compute capacity than Big Red II+ 
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