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UITS Monitor: Roam back home

Monitor newsletter Dec 2, 2020
Roam back home. IU Secure retires soon. Switch to eduroam.

UITS news for December 2, 2020

Roam back home

IU Secure retires soon. Switch to eduroam.

IU Secure, the university’s outgoing wireless network, will be retired on March 31, 2021. After that, all on-campus wireless users with IU credentials must use eduroam. If you haven’t switched from IU Secure to eduroam, please do it now.

New and current eduroam users must also install a certificate that improves security. Please upload the eduroam Network Setup Tool

IU continues to provide free, secure, high-speed wireless access in 24-hour “lot hot spots” around the state. People with IU affiliations can access Wi-Fi through eduroam, while others can use the IU Guest Network. The eduroam network is also available at institutions within Indiana and beyond, including IU Riley Hospital for Children.

Click here to switch to eduroam

Still time to sign up for conflict-resolution workshop

The Dec. 3 seminar is hosted by the IT Leadership Community.

Need to brush up on your conflict resolution skills? A free Dec. 3 seminar offers tips for handling differences at work and at home.

When: Thursday, Dec. 3, 9:30-11am ET 
Where: Zoom details sent after registration

Tiffany Lemons, a senior organization development consultant for IU Human Resources, is the presenter.

Enroll in conflict resolution workshop

Coded Bias film exposes threats to civil liberties and democracy

Join a virtual film screening and discussion on Dec. 4.

A groundbreaking documentary feature, Coded Bias, reveals that many facial recognition technologies fail more often on darker-skinned faces and investigates widespread bias in artificial intelligence. The film features trailblazing women data scientists and mathematicians who are exposing racial-bias threats to civil liberties and democracy.

When: Friday, Dec. 4, 7pm ET 
Where: Zoom details sent after registration

The screening and discussion are hosted by the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology, the IU Cinema, and Science on Screen.

Sign up to view and discuss Coded Bias

Looking for a perfect match?

Try out different tech tools at this speed-dating event.

Speed Dating with Learning Technologies is a matchmaking event that exposes you to a range of tools and services within a short period of time.

During the two-hour, speed-dating event, you will have about nine minutes to evaluate a technology before meeting your next “date.” Matchmakers (presenters) include staff from across UITS Learning Technologies.

When: Thursday, Dec. 10, 10am-noon ET 
Where: Zoom details sent after registration

Note: To fully participate in this event, please download the latest Zoom app for your desktop or mobile device and log in with your IU credentials. 

Register for Speed Dating with Learning Technologies

Pay it forward

Offer your laptop to an IU student or apply to receive a donated laptop.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for reliable student technology access. Help IU students by contributing your used but working laptop to the new IUpcycle program. Your donation can reduce student stress and provide updated equipment needed for success.

To apply for an IUpcycle laptop, sign up with the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology mailing list.

Learn more about donating or receiving a laptop

Be aware of sensitive-data requirements on SharePoint

Improper handling could result in privacy invasion or unauthorized access to information.

Protect information with special care, especially in regard to sensitive-data storage on SharePoint sites.

If you are the owner of a SharePoint website that contains restricted or critical data, please follow these data storage guidelines:

  • Restrict access to authorized users. For internal university data, ensure information is locked behind the log-in screen. For more restrictive data, limit the information to authorized individuals.
  • Keep information only as required, as the potential for unauthorized disclosure increases with the length of time you retain information. IU already maintains many records. Your data steward can tell you more.
  • Dispose of sensitive data when no longer needed.

For more information, reach out to the University Information Privacy Office or call 812-855-UIPO.  

For more on protecting data

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