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Streamlining IU’s online presence

IU consolidates web domains to enhance digital experience

News and events Jun 26, 2023
Image designed by Paul Smith
Image designed by Paul Smith

IU is taking steps toward optimizing its web presence by streamlining high-level domain names under the domain. This initiative, known as the Digital Strategy Initiative, is a collaboration between University Information Technology Services (UITS) and University Communications and Marketing (UCM) aimed at revamping IU’s digital presence. Streamlining IU’s websites under the domain will greatly improve the experience of people using a search engine to find information about IU and enhance their overall experience with IU’s web presence.

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Rob Lowden emphasized the significance of this domain consolidation. “By streamlining to the domain, we increase IU’s search engine optimization and findability, while ensuring our digital campus maintains a clear and strong identity,” he said.

Sudhir Bhaskar, assistant vice president for digital marketing analytics, adds that domain consolidation is just one component of the broader Digital Strategy Initiative, which strives to create more connected, personalized, and seamless experiences for all IU constituents.

  • Only the main campus websites, also known as campus gateway websites, will undergo changes at this stage. Remaining school and unit sites will transition at a later date.
  • The IU Southeast gateway website transitioned on June 1 from to, marking the first campus to make the switch.
  • On June 20, the IU Northwest gateway website followed suit, changing from to
  • The domain for the IU Bloomington gateway website,, will make the switch to on June 27.
  • The gateway websites for IU East, IU South Bend, IU Kokomo, and IU Fort Wayne will be transitioned by the end of July.
  • The new domains no longer use www. as part of the address. The new address will not work if www. is added.

Detailed timelines for the domain consolidation will be communicated to constituents on each campus to ensure a smooth transition to the unified domain. The IUPUI and IUPUC domains will be updated later as part of the switch to IU Indianapolis.

To minimize inconvenience for the IU community, links pointing to the old domains will automatically redirect to the new domains; however, website owners are encouraged to update their links to point to the new URLs accordingly. The university will maintain redirect rules to ensure uninterrupted service. Faculty, staff, and students should update any URLs used in emails, documents, and bookmarks.

For more information and updates, visit the Digital Strategy Initiative page.

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