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Monitor newsletter Aug 14, 2023
IU clock beside text Monitor back-to-school issue

UITS news for August 14, 2023

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Tech at IU is constantly evolving to help students do their best work. University Information Technology Services (UITS) supports tech at IU. Every other week, you’ll receive this newsletter, called the Monitor, to keep you informed about the top-notch tech IU offers every student.

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CrimsonCard, your key to campus

CrimsonCard is the official photo ID for IU. You’ll use it to access your dorm, buildings, labs, and your meal plan—if you have one. You’ll swipe it when printing, attending events, taking tests, or using the fitness center. You can even put money on it and use it as payment on and off campus including on the Grubhub app!

Learn more about your CrimsonCard

Friendly reminder: beware of phishing

New students are especially susceptible to phishing emails, but everyone at IU is vulnerable. These emails can come from a variety of sources, even other IU accounts that have been phished, and can try to steal a range of personal information.

Check out

How to hook up your gaming console or smart TV

Register your gaming system, smart TV, or streaming device before connecting to IU PublicNet. For wireless connection, find your console/smart TV’s wireless MAC address. Go here for wired connection. If you need help, contact the Support Center.

How to hook up your gaming console or media device at IU

IU campus websites summer glow up

Over the summer, websites for IU campuses across the state joined the domain. Now is a great time to bookmark the new web address for your campus. The new sites follow this easy-to-find formula:

Bookmark,,,,,, The IUPUI and IUPUC web addresses remain unchanged and will be updated later as part of the switch to IU Indianapolis.

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Hardware discounts and no cost software for you

Did you know that IU students have access to hardware discounts and no cost software? IU has teamed up with Apple and Dell to offer computers, electronics, and accessories at a discount. You are also eligible for no cost software downloads from IUware and Microsoft 365. You can stream applications to your device by visiting IUanyWare.

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