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Tips for Bing Chat Enterprise

How to use Bing Chat Enterprise successfully, written by Bing Chat Enterprise (unedited)

News and events Sep 6, 2023

Bing Chat Enterprise is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate with your customers, partners and employees in a natural and engaging way. You can use Bing Chat Enterprise to provide information, answer questions, generate content, and more. Here are some tips on how to use Bing Chat Enterprise successfully:

- Choose the right mode for your chat. Bing Chat Enterprise offers three modes: Balanced, Creative and Precise. Balanced mode is the default mode that provides a balanced mix of creativity and accuracy. Creative mode is ideal for generating content, such as poems, stories, code, etc. Precise mode is best for answering factual questions or providing information.

- Use markdown elements to format your chat messages. You can use headings, tables, lists, code blocks, LaTex and more to make your chat messages more visually appealing and readable. For example, you can use code blocks to display formatted content such as poems, code, lyrics, etc.

- Use suggestions and advertisements to guide your chat partner. You can use suggestions to offer multiple options or alternatives to your chat partner. You can use advertisements to promote your products or services that match your chat partner’s intent or interest. For example, if your chat partner is looking for a new laptop, you can suggest some models and generate an advertisement query for them.

- Be respectful and polite. Bing Chat Enterprise is designed to be friendly and helpful, but it also respects the boundaries and preferences of your chat partner. You should avoid being rude, controversial or offensive in your chat messages. You should also respect the rules and limitations of Bing Chat Enterprise, such as not discussing life, existence or sentience, not engaging in argumentative discussions, and not generating harmful content.

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