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2023 year in review

A look back on highlights and support for student success, transformative research and service by IU’s Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO

News and events Dec 11, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, it is important to look back on the year and recognize our incredible accomplishments. UITS has embraced the challenges laid out in the IU2030 Strategic Plan, served our university with top-notch technology, welcomed new colleagues, celebrated promotions, and enhanced our university’s leadership.

Student success and opportunities
UITS continues to foster relationships with up-and-coming technology professionals through internships, affordable software, and powerful tech experiences.

IU provides no-cost statistical software to students.

OmniSOC cybersecurity internship provided hands on experience to college students.

30% of IU supercomputer users are IU undergraduates.

Students save $100 million thanks to faculty using IU eTexts.


Transformative research
UITS worked to break new ground with a variety of exciting research done on IU Supercomputers.

Collaboration between biology and Research technologies develops open-source genomics tool.

BigRed 200 supercomputer powers undergraduate research of weather patterns.

IU researchers explore how Bitcoin affects asset pricing.

IU research staff help create first-of-its-kind global flood modeling early warning system.


Service to the state, nation, and the world
In 2023, OVPIT units partnered with a variety of companies, universities, and like-minded individuals to ensure a better, brighter, and more secure future for all.

Indiana University elevates women in IT networking by leading the WINS program.

IU showcases excellence in high-performance computing, networking.

IU’s GlobalNOC will monitor the secure transfer of massive data sets to scientists all over the world.

IU co-leads effort to help local governments prevent cyberattacks alongside Purdue and State of Indiana.

Purdue, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Lehigh Carbon Community College joined OmniSOC.

Jetstream2 supports open-source GIS data catalog with Google Earth Engine.

Marlon Pierce accepts historic NSF position.

GlobalNOC signs first customer to its new Light services program.


University services
UITS provided exciting AI tools and improved secure tech services for all IU faculty, staff, and students.

IU launched AI at IU page.

AI chat tool enabled for use with IU data.

IU consolidates web domains to enhance digital experience.

IU fully adopts Microsoft Teams Calls for all faculty and staff.

Duo Verified Push added Two-Step Login security.


Promotions and new leaders
OVPIT promoted and recruited staff to key positions that are vital to the IU mission.

Brandon Cavaness named Inaugural director of University Administration Technology Support.

Elizabeth Harris named Inaugural director of Academic Technology Support.

Anne Leftwich named new associate vice president Learning Technologies.

Anthony M. Newman, executive director of REN-ISAC.

Joy Maupin promoted to executive director of IT at IU East.

Shannon McDaniel named Inaugural director of Health Technology Support.

Edward Moynihan appointed director of International Networks at Indiana University.

Ryan Vega promoted to executive director of IT for IU Northwest.

Kris Ying promoted to OVPIT human resources director.


VPIT Voice newsletters and live events
Newsletters keep staff informed, and VPIT Voice Live series deepened our understanding of work across the organization.

Research, grant-funding, and entrepreneurial opportunities in VPIT.

What might Teaching and Learning look like in 2030?


Staff engagement
UITS staff members built comradery and community throughout 2023, and were recognized for their outstanding achievements in their fields.

Rob Lowden and Sabrina Andrews are among the 50 winners of the EdScoop 50 Awards.

Meet the 2023 Outstanding Staff Mentor/Advocate awardees.

Maggie Ricci recognized for work in online education.

The IT Leadership Community recognized the work of IU IT professionals.

Brenna Meade connects with people around the world.

The 2023 Statewide IT conference focused on expanding the IU Universe.

UITS staff members showed off their creativity with a Halloween costume contest.

Man dressed as Ted Lasso Funniest Costume: Nick Ray as Ted Lasso

Man dressed as Uncle Fester Scariest Costume: Brandon Cavaness as Uncle Fester

Woman and man dressed as Barbie and Ken Best Group Costume: Lora Fox and Patrick Phillips as Barbie and Ken


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