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IU math courses moving to a new platform to enhance the student learning experience

 Indiana University is transitioning its introductory math courses to Edfinity

News and events Dec 14, 2023

BLOOMINGTON, IN – As part of a goal to enhance the student learning experience and support learning outcomes, Indiana University (IU) is transitioning its introductory math courses to Edfinity.

Edfinity, a National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported platform used by more than 350 higher education institutions, provides instructors with access to pre-built courses that pair with any textbook or instructional content. Tools such as customizable templates, large problem repository, and machine scoring algorithms simplify course creation and grading. And just as IU is using artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the student experience, Edfinity is integrating generative AI to provide tutoring support and content authoring tools.

“Edfinity’s flexibility and commitment to affordable access make it the right tool for the educational experience IU aims to provide to our students,” said Maggie Ricci, who manages eLearning technologies at Indiana University. “With the emphasis on support for learning outcomes and course customization, the migration to Edfinity is a strategic move to prioritize the future of IU students.”

IU joins schools such as UC San Diego, Clemson, and UNC-Chapel Hill in beginning the transition from legacy platforms to Edfinity. “Institutions with a vision for the future are the quickest to embrace change without trepidation,” said Sid Grover, Edfinity co-founder. “Advanced innovation and technological sophistication are the new imperatives for the future of learning—by blending tradition with ingenuity, these schools are blazing a trail for others to follow.”

The partnership between IU and Edfinity extends beyond the college classroom, via a collaboration on an NSF-funded project focused on training teachers to use AI in high school math classes. The project is gathering data and feedback to gain insight into teachers’ confidence in AI for the educational experience and their perspective on its use for creating formative assessments.

“As educational technology evolves, IU is committed to equipping students with the best tools and resources,” said Justin Zemlyak, director of teaching and learning technologies at IU. “The partnership with Edfinity and the NSF collaboration aligns well with the pillars of our strategic plan — student success, transformative research and creativity, and service to our state and beyond.”

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