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Intelligent Infrastructure rate reduction

A strategic move to enhance IT services and collaboration

Services and support Feb 8, 2024

UITS is pleased to announce a significant rate reduction for the Intelligent Infrastructure (II) service. Troy Williams and the Storage and Virtualization team collaborated with UITS Finance to lower allocated disk storage rates from $0.53 to $0.33 per gigabyte per year.

“This rate reduction will result in more than $900,000 savings for existing II customers,” Williams said. The new rates took effect February 1, 2024.

Intelligent Infrastructure is IU’s private cloud, offering a suite of services to the university community, including remote access to the same high-performance and high-availability hardware and security devices UITS uses to deliver mission-critical university applications and services.

Rob Lowden.Credit: Copyright Indiana University Board of Trustee... Rob Lowden.
Credit: Copyright Indiana University Board of Trustees.

This reduction is part of UITS’s ongoing efforts to optimize IT resources and align them with the university’s strategic plan. By lowering the cost of II, UITS aims to encourage more adoption of this service, which offers a secure, scalable, and flexible platform for hosting virtual servers and applications.

“The benefits of II are not only financial, but also operational and strategic,” said Rob Lowden, IU vice president for information technology and chief information officer. “II enables UITS and its newly aligned colleagues to leverage a common infrastructure, improve data security, and reduce duplication and fragmentation of IT services.”

II supports the university’s goals of enhancing research, teaching, and learning, by providing a robust and reliable environment for running high-performance computing and analytics workloads.

The rate reduction for II is made possible by UITS’s continuous improvement of its processes and technologies, as well as by the economies of scale achieved by the growing number of II clients. UITS is committed to providing the best value and service to its constituents, and to advancing the university’s mission and vision through IT excellence.

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