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UITS Monitor: Duo three-digit code

Faculty and students get additional protection against unsolicited Duo pushes

Monitor newsletter Feb 21, 2024
Duo Verified Push will show a three-digit number shown on left. Staff then enter those numbers into their device shown on right.

UITS News for Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Coming soon: Duo will ask for a three-digit number

IU has begun enabling Duo Verified Push for IU Login and many other apps. This added security measure has the option to remember a trusted device for 30 days. When you log in, you will see a three-digit number to enter into the Duo Mobile app to approve the push.

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Study stronger with Learning.IU

College classes can be difficult. Take control of your learning by visiting Learning.IU for valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to make sure you get the most out of your time and develop study habits that work for you.

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Microsoft Teams for student organizations

Did you know that student groups can use Microsoft Teams to stay organized and centralized? Keep chat channels, meeting notes, and files all in one place. No more massive group texts or losing files when leaders graduate.

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Check out sessions at the Women & Technology Summit

Choose from more than 30 breakout sessions on tech, wellness, career development, and empowerment! Browse breakout sessions and start building your schedule for the Women & Technology Summit on March 1.

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One Mail to rule them all

The One Mail project is a two-year effort to unify all Indiana University email addresses under the email domain. This will better protect IU faculty, staff, and students from cybersecurity threats and better leverage the IU brand.

Learn more about One Mail

Avoid the pitfalls of PDFs with Pressbooks

Pressbooks are an accessible, customizable, and collaborative online publishing tool that can be used to author and share textbooks, lab manuals, student work, and more. You can write text, embed images, videos, complex tables, mathematical notation, and reader interactions. Pressbooks are developed to be accessible for readers, avoiding many of the pitfalls of PDFs and Word documents.

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Register for spring 2024 EdCert classes

Eight EdCert classes remain on the spring schedule, offerings from Microsoft, CompTIA, and a new course on database management, DataSys+.

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