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GlobalNOC collaboration to benefit worldwide networks

IU GlobalNOC part of new consortium MetrANOVA to create a measurement and analysis toolbox for research and education networks worldwide

News and events Feb 27, 2024
Consortium for advancing network observation visualization and analysis

February 27, 2024GlobalNOC at Indiana University, along with four of the world’s leading research and education (R&E) networking organizations have joined forces to form MetrANOVA, a consortium for advancing network observation, visualization, and analysis.

Together, founding members Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), GÉANT, GlobalNOC, Internet2, and Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) operate and connect a dizzying number of national, regional, and local R&E networks — yet representing a portion of the decentralized fabric linking scientific researchers in hundreds of countries worldwide. The R&E networking community provides a network of networks, the design and operation of which have historically been loosely coupled yet coordinated and present some challenges to overcome.

GlobalNOC's David Ripley GlobalNOC’s David Ripley“Over the past few years, all of the participating organizations have built their own resilient, effective time series systems, driven by their own particular requirements, expertise, and use cases,” said David Ripley, Director of Software and Systems Engineering at GlobalNOC. “MetrANOVA is an opportunity for us to come together, combine our expertise, see how the network measurement landscape has shifted, and work collectively to come up software components, deployment architectures, and operational practices that are generic enough to meet common community requirements and flexible enough to adapt to even the most niche use cases. We’re excited to be working with all our colleagues across the R&E community on this new initiative.”

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About The GlobalNOC at Indiana University

GlobalNOC provides world-class, carrier-grade support in network monitoring, engineering, and software development services to the research, education, government, and public good communities. Since its inception in 1998, GlobalNOC has grown to support more than 20 networks at global, national, regional, metro, and campus scales. GlobalNOC’s supported networks include Internet2’s national R&E network, NOAA’s enterprise networks, International Networks at IU, and numerous state and local networks

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