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Campbell marks 50 years of service to IU

Recognizing Michael Campbell’s 50 years of service alongside other long-term service colleagues

News and events Jun 4, 2024

The year was 1973. John Ryan was president of IU, Watergate was the talk of the town, Dolly Parton released country hit Jolene, and Michael Campbell joined Indiana University.

Having recently celebrated 50 years at IU, Campbell’s career began working at UCS—which later became UITS—at Wrubel before joining Residential Programs & Services (RPS) in 1995. Campbell later joined the Auxiliary Information Technology and was moved to UITS at the CIB in 2017.

Currently, Campbell works to support the CBORD housing, point of sale, and building access control as well as the housing contract billing system for RPS. He highlights the invention of mobile and remote work technology as two of the most significant technological changes he’s seen since beginning at IU.

“One of the most nerve racking, but also the most rewarding thing I remember is the relocation of the data center from 17th street,” Campbell said. “In the early 90’s, I was the operations manager at Administrative Computing. IU was the first Big Ten school to merge their Academic and Administrative computing groups. This required moving the mainframe computer operations from the DeVault Center to the Wrubel Computing Center to form University Computing Services. It was a three-day project that was completed in just two days.”

Carol Lewis, manager of Custom Solutions & Integration Services, highlighted Campbell’s institutional knowledge and commitment.

“Mike is a dedicated team member whose deep institutional knowledge has been invaluable to IU,” Lewis said. “Having worked with Mike for nearly 20 years, I can personally attest to his steadfast commitment and kind-hearted nature, which have made him a pleasure to work with and an indispensable part of our team. We are truly grateful for his remarkable contributions and continued dedication.”

VP Rob Lowden and Michael Campbell VP Rob Lowden and Michael Campbell

“Fifty years of service to IU is a remarkable accomplishment,” said Rob Lowden, vice president for information technology and chief information officer. “Long-service staff bring incredible value and wisdom to any organization. In their decades of services, they have not only helped usher in new eras of support but maintain critical institutional knowledge.”

“I am very proud of our long-service colleagues,” Lowden said. “We have so many across our campuses and each not only have a unique story to tell, but a wealth of experience that enhances and informs our working moving forward.”

Below is a list of UITS long-term service employees from across IU’s campuses.

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