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GlobalNOC partners with KeystoneREN

IU’s GlobalNOC partners with KeystoneREN to support Pennsylvania’s research and education network

The partnership will enhance the network performance and reliability for KeystoneREN’s members and foster collaboration among the regional networks

High performance systems Jun 10, 2024
Logo of KeystoneREN which provides research and education networking in Pennsylvania

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.— Indiana University’s Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) has announced a new partnership with KeystoneREN, the PA statewide research and education network. GlobalNOC will provide its toolset, systems, and service desk support for KeystoneREN. The partnership will further strengthen KeystoneREN’s ability to provide unparalleled access to research and education networking including 100G Internet2 access.

KeystoneREN is an independently managed and operated affiliate of KINBER with a focus on research, education, and community networking. The aim of KeystoneREN is to foster a community of collaboration by providing access, services, and support for research and education. GlobalNOC is a leader in providing network engineering, operations, and support services for advanced research and education networks in the U.S. and around the world.

The partnership between GlobalNOC and KeystoneREN will enhance the network performance and reliability for KeystoneREN’s members, who will benefit from GlobalNOC’s 24/7/365 service desk support.

The partnership coincides with a recent grant award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to Penn State, KINBER, and KeystoneREN to build a cyberinfrastructure network that will enable data-intensive research and education in Pennsylvania. The grant, worth nearly $1.1 million, will facilitate a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at providing essential cyberinfrastructure-based resources and services to under-resourced institutions of higher education across Pennsylvania.

“We are excited to partner with KeystoneREN and support their network operations and services. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to advancing research and education networking in the U.S. and beyond,” said Luke Fowler, executive director of GlobalNOC Software and Network Engineering.

“KeystoneREN is thrilled to work with GlobalNOC to provide our 40 plus members with the best possible network support and customer experience. GlobalNOC’s expertise and reputation in the research and education network community are unparalleled, and we look forward to leveraging their capabilities to enhance our network performance and reliability,” said Grant Dull, executive director of KeystoneREN.

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