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Covering the crisis in Ukraine?

IU political scientists, historians and economists are available to discuss the impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on a wide range of topics, including foreign policy and politics, the economy, historical context, diplomacy, communications and more.

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Jeannine Bell

Jeannine Bell is the Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law at the Maurer School of Law at IU. She is a nationally recognized scholar on hate crimes and can comment on the racially motivated killing of 10 black shoppers at a Buffalo grocery store on May 14. 

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Kok Cheow Yeoh

IU Southeast School of Arts and Letters/Fine Arts Art and design in everyday life; corporate identity and branding system; creative and conceptual development in visual communication design and processes; typography: type as image and vice versa, experimental typography; sustainable and innovative packaging design.

Haewon Yoon

IUPUI Kelley School of Business Intertemporal choice, consumer financial decision-making, debiasing intervention, retirement, health care.

Andrew "AJ" Young

IUPUI LGBTQ+ Center Gender; sexuality; LGBTQ studies; LGBTQ identities; transgender issues and identities; gender and inequality; gender and sports; sexuality and sports; gender and culture; sexuality and culture; sociology of literature; transgender literature; and diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations.

Sarah Young

IU Bloomington School of Public Health Legal issues in recreation, physical activity motivational readiness, youth sports, community health issues.

Mirjam Zadoff

IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences Jewish studies, modern Jewish history, cultural history of Europe and Israel, Jewish economic history, history of antisemitism, history of migration, history of love.

Jeff Zaleski

IU Bloomington Office of the Vice Provost for Research; Department of Chemistry His research interests are in the fields of metals in medicine, bioinorganic chemistry, synthetic chemistry and materials. Can also comment on research in the sciences at IU Bloomington, trends in conducting scientific research at universities, research equipment and funding for the sciences at IU Bloomington.

Tamika Zapolski

IUPUI Department of Psychology Clinical psychology, health, substance abuse and addictions.

Rich Zellars

IUPUI IU School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology Radiation oncology.

Kurt Zemlicka

IU Bloomington English Rhetoric of science, science communication, science skepticism, public advocacy of science, philosophy of science.

Domenick Zero

IUPUI School of Dentistry Dental caries prevention, oral hygiene, erosive tooth wear, fluoride, dental sealants, early caries detection, caries risk, assessment, salivary dysfunction (dry mouth), Sjögren's Syndrome, salivary diagnostics, oral biofilms, temporomandibular joint disease.