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IU scientists, clinicians and researchers are available to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on a wide range of topics, including health and medicine, business and the economy, and society and culture.

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Graham McKeen

Graham McKeen is assistant university director of public and environmental health at Indiana University. He has experience in disease surveillance and control, including with COVID-19 response. McKeen is available to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and mask guidance.

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Name Campus School/Department Area of Expertise

Zoran Kilibarda

IU Northwest College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Geosciences Coastal dunes, karst geomorphology, aeolian sedimentology, trace fossils.

Ranjan Kini

IU Northwest School of Business & Economics E/Mobile commerce, location-based services, business intelligence and data mining, social commerce, IS and ethics, IS and health care, ICT in developing countries.

Hannah Lee

IU Northwest Department of Psychology Mental health and culture, diversity education, optimism/unrealistic optimism, academic achievement, well-being in cross-cultural perspectives.

Anja Matwijkiw

IU Northwest College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy Professional ethics, especially ethics and medicine; ethics and gender issues; human rights (including women’s human rights); United Nations law and philosophy; post-conflict justice (special expertise on Bahrain); ethics and international law; jurisprudence and legal doctrine (special expertise on M. Cherif Bassiouni and international criminal justice).

Stephen McShane

IU Northwest Calumet Regional Archives, IU Libraries Topics in Northwest Indiana history: Indiana’s Calumet region, the history of the 1920s South Shore Line Railroad marketing campaign, steelmakers and steeltowns of Lake County, Indiana.

David Parnell

IU Northwest Department of History Medieval history, ancient history, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, ancient military history, the Crusades, ethnicity, identity, gender, family, religion, early Christianity.

Scooter Pégram

IU Northwest Department of Modern Languages and Department of Minority Studies The French-speaking world (Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Quebec, Asia, Oceania), linguistics, sociolinguistics, Caribbean studies, Quebec studies, France, racism in France, terrorism in France, immigrants in France, immigration in French-speaking countries, Caribbean history, African history, African migrants in France, rap music, hip-hop music, French films, French rap, French hip-hop, French literature, French culture.

Micah Pollak

IU Northwest School of Business & Economics Data analytics, health economics, financial networks, applied microeconomics, urban and regional economics, economic history, and the steel and manufacturing industries.

Surekha Rao

IU Northwest Business and Economics Gender and science, globalization and international business, Indian economy, economic development and regional economic development, statistical modeling, applied economic issues.

Dorinda Sattler

IU Northwest Health Information Management Health information, health care risk management, HIPAA privacy and security.