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Covering the current Supreme Court decisions?

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings on cases that impact abortion and gun rights. Additional rulings are expected before the end of the month. IU experts on law, policy, reproductive rights and public health are available to discuss the implications of the court's rulings.

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Jennifer A. Drobac

Jennifer A. Drobac is the Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. She teaches contracts, sexual harassment law, family law and other courses. She can discuss sex/gender-based discrimination law, consent law and family law, among other related topics. 

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Rodrigo Armijos

IU Bloomington School of Public Health Environmental health, air pollutant exposure and pediatric cardiovascular health, prevention and control of vector-borne parasitic diseases, global health.

Tony Armstrong

Indiana University Office of the Vice President for Engagement Startup funding, proof-of-concept funding, alumni-supported funding, early-stage funding, technology-based economic development, entrepreneurship support, regional economic development, partnerships between higher education and corporations, intellectual property, commercialization and regional engagement, relationships between higher education and government.

Marco Arnaudo

IU Bloomington French and Italian/Global and International Studies Game studies; board games history and theory; interactive fiction; communication; social media; war history and theory of war; conflict simulation; american comics and pop culture; Italian literature, culture and art.

Leslie Ashburn-Nardo

IUPUI School of Science / Department of Psychology Stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, race relations, gender bias, implicit bias, unconscious bias, diversity, workplace bias.

Ishan Ashutosh

IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Geography South Asian Diaspora, South Asia, migration, cities, political geography.

Vivek Astvansh

IU Bloomington Kelley School of Business Machine learning, artificial intelligence, innovation, customer service, chatbot, supply chain, gender diversity, cultural diversity, innovation, social media, news media, branding, environmental pollution (climate change), compliance, public policy, corporate grammar, corporate social responsibility, analytics, advertising, political risk, short-selling.

Pierre Atlas

IUPUI O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs U.S. foreign policy, Middle East politics, Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict, civil wars and ethnic conflicts, terrorism, U.S. and Canada, gun culture and politics of gun control.

Shahzeen Attari

IU Bloomington O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Human behavior, resource use, natural resources, climate change.

Brady Atwood

IUPUI School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Neuroscience, drug addiction.

Kathy Auberry

IUPUC IU School of Nursing Assessment, continuous improvement processes, process improvement, awards, developmental disabilities, health and health care and faculty awards.