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Covering the current Supreme Court decisions?

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings on cases that impact abortion and gun rights. Additional rulings are expected before the end of the month. IU experts on law, policy, reproductive rights and public health are available to discuss the implications of the court's rulings.

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Jennifer A. Drobac

Jennifer A. Drobac is the Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. She teaches contracts, sexual harassment law, family law and other courses. She can discuss sex/gender-based discrimination law, consent law and family law, among other related topics. 

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Name Campus School/Department Area of Expertise

Dorinda Sattler

IU Northwest Health Information Management Health information, health care risk management, HIPAA privacy and security.

Raj Selladurai

IU Northwest School of Business and Economics Production/Operations management, management capstone/business strategy and policy, entrepreneurship and small business, supply chain management, Indiana/Midwest high-speed rail, leadership effectiveness.

Vernon Smith

IU Northwest School of Education Educational leadership, school administration, science education, plight of the African American male, teaching black males, engaging parents, self-esteem, school improvement plans, math education.

Monica Solinas-Saunders

IU Northwest School of Public and Environmental Affairs Prisons, corrections and re-entry, justice-involved military veterans, ex-offender employment, substance abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual assault and domestic violence, student victimization .

Ian Taschner

IU Northwest Department of Chemistry Organic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy, gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, terpene extraction, material science.

Beth Tyler

IU Northwest Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Campus sexual misconduct prevention efforts; campus policies and procedures for responding to reports of sexual misconduct; IU's sexual misconduct policy; campus response to disruptive behavior.

Jie Wang

IU Northwest Department of Computer Information Systems Data and computational aspects of information systems, data mining and data science, user-generated content analysis, data privacy, applied mathematics.

Linda Wozniewski

IU Northwest Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Astronomy Science Olympiad, FIRST Lego League, science fairs, FLL, children's chemistry activities, children's science activities, You be the Chemist, 4-H.

Susan Zinner

IU Northwest School of Public and Environmental Affairs The intersection of law, medicine and ethics; pediatric bioethics; end-of-life issues; administrative ethics.