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IU scientists, clinicians and researchers are available to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on a wide range of topics, including health and medicine, business and the economy, and society and culture.

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Richard A. Brandon-Friedman

Richard A. Brandon-Friedman is an assistant professor in the IU School of Social Work at IUPUI and an assistant professor of pediatrics in the IU School of Medicine. He is available to comment on gender-affirming care for transgender/gender-diverse youth, sexual and gender identity development among youth, youth sexual well-being and LGBTQ+ identity development during Pride Month.

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Name Campus School/Department Area of Expertise

Feisal Istrabadi

IU Bloomington Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies Constitutional democracy, Iraqi politics, processes of building legal and political institutions in countries in transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Mircea Ivan

IUPUI IU School of Medicine Hypoxia, oxygen-sensing, noncoding RNAs, cancer biology.

Jason Baird Jackson

IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences /Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Department of Anthropology Museums, museums in society, material culture (things, objects, architecture, etc.), heritage and heritage policy, cultural property, intellectual property, repatriation, cultural change, ritual, ceremony, festival, performance, folklore, folklife, cultural anthropology, social anthropology, folklore studies, ethnology, museum anthropology, ethnography, publishing, scholarly publishing, open access, scholarly journals, China, United States, indigenous peoples, Native America, revitalization, graduate education, alt-metrics.

Tambra Jackson

IUPUI School of Education/Urban Teacher Education Culturally relevant/sustaining pedagogies, teaching for social justice, teachers of color, Black women educators and faculty, educating Black children, Freedom Schools.

Luke Jacobus

IUPUC Division of Science Awards: competitive research grants; general biology, ecology, zoology, entomology, freshwater environments, biological systematics, field studies, evolution, Mayflies of the world (Ephemeroptera); student awards: undergraduate research; sustainability: environmental monitoring.

Vikram Jadhao

IU Bloomington Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering Soft materials, self-assembly, molecular dynamics simulations, charged soft matter, nanoscale biostructures.

Ali Jafari

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer and Information Technology Online learning, distance education, blended learning, learning management systems (LMS), social learning, learning technology.

Alex Jahn

IU Bloomington Environmental Resilience Institute Animal ecology, animal behavior, bird migration.

Mark Jaime

IUPUC Division of Science Autism spectrum disorder: perceptual precursors

Mark D. Janis

IU Bloomington Maurer School of Law Patent law, trademark law, design patent law, intellectual property law of plants, intellectual property/antitrust.