John Gallagher

School of Social Work IU South Bend

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Areas of Expertise

Addiction, conduct disorder, counseling, criminal justice, drug court, ethics violations, harm reduction, medication-assisted treatment, mental health, motivational interviewing, opioid epidemic, oppositional defiant disorder, substance use disorder, trauma, treatment court.

Expert Bio

John Gallagher is an associate professor in the Indiana University School of Social Work at IU South Bend, where he teaches classes in addiction and mental health counseling. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor who has practiced addiction and mental health counseling for nearly 20 years.

Gallagher's research agenda is focused on the use of medication-assisted treatment in treating opioid use disorders; exploring drug court and other treatment court participants' lived experiences in programming; identifying the factors that may contribute to racial disparities in treatment court outcomes; program evaluation for drug courts and other treatment courts; and implementing evidence-based interventions to promote addiction and mental health recovery.

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Additional Information

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Updated on: April 8, 2020