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Religious Studies IUPUI

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Areas of Expertise

American religious history, Native American religions, Midwest religion, missions.

Expert Bio

Rachel Wheeler is a leading scholar on missions and Native American Christianity in early America. Her current project is developing an app for faculty that helps to make the invisible work of academic service and domestic labor visible on academic CVs in hopes of creating a more just climate for women faculty and faculty of color.

Wheeler has published essays in The Washington Post, Women in Higher Education, Religion and Politics, and other venues, in addition to scholarly articles in leading journals. Most recently, she published an award-winning article, "Singing Box 331: Re-Sounding Mohican Hymns from the Moravian Archives," available at https://oieahc.wm.edu/digital-projects/oi-reader/singing-box-331-rachel-wheeler-sarah-eyerly/.

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Additional Information

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The left needs its own story of greatness (WaPo): https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2018/10/17/left-needs-its-own-story-american-greatness/?utm_term=.d91c8ebb5b12

Singing Box 331 (Omohundro Institute): https://oieahc.wm.edu/digital-projects/oi-reader/singing-box-331-rachel-wheeler-sarah-eyerly/documentary/

Charlottesville, Exodus, and politics of nostalgia (Religion and Politics): https://religionandpolitics.org/2017/08/22/charlottesville-exodus-and-the-politics-of-nostalgia/

Un/Becoming America (American Historical Association): https://www.historians.org/publications-and-directories/perspectives-on-history/april-2019/un/becoming-america-finding-a-new-vocation-for-historians

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