Bryant Paul

The Media School IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Sex in the media, sexual socialization, pornography, sexually explicit material, internet pornography, sexual media and the First Amendment, media effects, evolutionary psychology, media psychology.

Expert Bio

Bryant Paul joined IU's Department of Telecommunications in 2003; research and teaching interests include the nature and effects of sexual messages in the media, media and sexual socialization, evolutionary psychological explanations for media effects and the First Amendment.

He undertakes empirical research that has practical applications in the non-academic world. His research has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. He has worked with multiple companies in product and message development. Co-producer of the Emmy-nominated documentary "Hot Girls Wanted."

Paul earned his B.S. from New York University, his M.A. from University of Miami in Florida and his Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Updated on: June 5, 2018