Lori Frye

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Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design IU Bloomington

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Fashion design, fashion history, political fashion, technical design.

Expert Bio

Professor Lori Frye is an alumna of the fashion design program at IU, now teaching studio courses. Frye has also worked with the Sage Collection as a collections assistant, helping to create custom mounts and improved storage solutions for contemporary and historic artifacts.

Upon the completion of her undergraduate degree, she worked in the fashion industry for Express and Mast Industries as a technical designer. She has in-depth experience in the manufacturing and production of knits, graphics and sweaters. She recently finished her MS in apparel merchandising with a thesis analyzing the suits worn by Hillary Clinton during her three campaigns for president of the United States. In addition to political fashion, her interests include technology and fashion, fabric manipulation and repurpose, and teaching all ages.

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Updated on: March 31, 2021