Amit Hagar

Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Foundations of physics, quantum computing, quantum gravity, biophysical modeling, exercise oncology, breast cancer prevention and early detection.

Expert Bio

Amit Hagar is a professor of history and philosophy of science and medicine in the College of Arts and Sciences. Trained in the foundations of physics and probability, he devoted the first 10 years of his career to scholarly work on the intersection of physics and computer science, with NSF and Fulbright funding that led to numerous publications in prestigious venues on quantum computing, quantum error correction and quantum gravity. In 2014, he shifted his attention to exercise oncology.

Hagar invented a novel human-relevant method to train mice with endurance exercise, discovered a unique mechanism by which aerobic exercise suppresses solid tumor growth, and secured a U.S. patent for its application in clinical setups for the improvement of cancer patient outcomes. His work is funded by the NSF, NIH, Templeton Foundation and Fulbright Foundation.

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Updated on: April 1, 2021