Jason Palamara

Department of Music and Arts Technology, School of Engineering and Technology IUPUI

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Areas of Expertise

Music technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, A.I., ML, generative music, algorithmic music, music composition, autonomous systems, music performance, machine learning-enabled performance technology, machine learning-enabled music performance technology.

Expert Bio

Jason Palamara is an assistant professor of music technology at IUPUI. He specializes in the development of machine learning-enabled performance technologies for music and artificial intelligence-related music software. He is the founder and director of IUPUI's DISEnsemble (Destructive/Inventive Systems Ensemble) and leads the Machine Musician Lab. With his creative partner, percussionist-composer Scott Deal, he designed the AVATAR, an application that uses machine learning to play along with live improvisation.

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Additional Information

Non-IU page: https://www.jasonpalamara.com

Updated on: March 16, 2021