Timothy Keller

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IU Communications/Marketing IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Branding, advertising, marketing.

Expert Bio

Tim Keller has been managing, directing and building creative culture for more than 15 years. His agency, corporate marketing and not-for-profit experience give him a unique perspective to brand building through a systematic approach paired with interrupting creative.

The last five years have been spent managing the internal agency that serves Indiana University as the owner of the IU brand. His leadership over the university's brand has created opportunities to present on a national stage and receive accolades in regional and national award submissions. As creative director, Keller led the creation of guiding documents and brand implementation for IU.

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Additional Information

IU brand guidelines: http://brand.iu.edu

IU Communications: http://communications.iu.edu

Updated on: June 25, 2019