Elaine Monaghan

The Media School IU Bloomington

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Media ethics, journalism, foreign correspondence, Europe (particularly Russia and Belarus, Northern Ireland, Scotland)

Expert Bio

Elaine Monaghan, who has worked for two decades in international journalism, is professor of practice at Indiana University's Media School, where she teaches reporting, writing and media ethics.

For Reuters, Monaghan was a correspondent in Russia; chief correspondent in Ukraine and Belarus, and in Ireland and Northern Ireland; and U.S. State Department correspondent in Washington. She joined The Times (London) in 2002 as Washington correspondent before moving to Congressional Quarterly.

Expert Videos

[MUSIC] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise] [Words appear: iu.edu] [Video: Elaine Monaghan, professor of practice at tThe IU Media School at iU, is interviewed on camera.] [Words appear: The Media School] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: Elaine Monaghan] [Words appear: Professor of Practice, Journalism] [Monaghan speaks: I first aspired to be a journalist growing up in the tiny Scottish village of Twynholm. At night, I listened to BBC Radio for hours. I wanted to travel, learn languages and understand people. So, I took French, German and Russian at the University of Glasgow, and taught English in Berlin for my year abroad. I remember telling my Russian professor, Peter Henry, where I was going. "Just watch that wall come tumbling down," he said, from behind his bushy white beard. He was completely right. A few weeks after my arrival, the border between what was then West and East Germany opened. I remember standing on top of the wall and looking down on the joyous crowds to the west, then turning to East Berlin where hundreds of soldiers were looking up at us. I felt the tremendous urge to jump down and ask them about their fears, hopes and plans and then tell everyone about it. So after finishing my master's at Glasgow, I applied to Reuters' graduate journalism training program, where I learned the craft of news writing. I also learned how to behave ethically in my reporting life, which unfolded in more countries than I can count. I am deeply passionate about the ethical use of words and journalism's potential to change the world. Every day I come to work past a heroic war correspondent, Ernie Pyle working away at his typewriter. I hope none of my students see the crazy Scottish lady thanking a statue. I love teaching as much as I loved being a foreign correspondent. I try to pass on my passion for news and storytelling, fondness for deep research and respect for the responsible journalist and determination to educate the public with crisply written words, and above all, a profound curiosity about humanity. [MUSIC] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise] [Words appear: iu.edu]
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Updated on: May 9, 2019