Nam Le

Department of Mathematics IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Nam Le's mathematical interests are partial differential equations, geometric analysis and the calculus of variations. Specifically, he has been studying the Monge-Ampère, linearized Monge-Ampère equations and their applications to nonlinear, fourth-order, geometric partial differential equations and semigeostrophic equations; the mean curvature flow; and gamma-convergence and its applications in mathematical physics.

Expert Bio

Nam Le is a Vaclav Hlavaty Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington. He received his Ph.D. in 2008 from the Courant Institute of New York University under the supervision of Professor Sylvia Serfaty.

Before Indiana, he was a Ritt Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University in the City of New York.

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Updated on: May 17, 2018