Elizabeth Shea

College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Dance, contemporary dance, somatics and somatic-based dance, choreography, dance-making, yoga.

Expert Bio

Elizabeth Shea is director of contemporary dance at Indiana University. Her choreography has been produced by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2016 Wave Rising Series, PUSHfest, Detroit City Dance Festival, the American Dance Guild, DUMBO Dance Festival, Footprints Dance Festival, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival and RADfest. She has been a guest artist for Moving Collective, Dance Kaleidoscope, Eisenhower Dance, Karen Reedy Dance and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and at many schools and universities. Shea teaches somatic practices at workshops in the USA and abroad and teaches annually at Dance Italia in Lucca, Italy.

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Additional Information

"Abandoned limestone mill was inspiration behind award-winning film of movement and dance": https://news.iu.edu/stories/2018/05/iub/11-award-winning-film-of-movement-and-dance.html

Updated on: July 23, 2018