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Laura Foster

Department of Gender Studies IU Bloomington

(812) 855-0101
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Ballantine Hall, Room 642
Bloomington, IN

Areas of Expertise

Intellectual property rights, genomics, climate change, feminist science studies, feminist and socio-legal studies, transnational/postcolonial feminisms, indigenous studies, African studies, science and technology studies.

Expert Bio

Laura Foster's research broadly focuses on the co-constituted relationships of law and science, and how such interactions historically structure and reinforce certain bodies, identities, knowledges and practices over others. She draws upon her practice experience in both human rights and corporate law in the U.S. and in southern Africa.

Her book "Reinventing Hoodia" argues that although patent law is inherently racialized, gendered and Western, it offered opportunities for indigenous San peoples, South African scientists and Hoodia growers to make unequal claims for belonging within the shifting politics of South Africa.

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