Douglas Darnowski

Natural Sciences/Biology IU Southeast

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Areas of Expertise

Carnivorous plants, triggerplants, horticulture, botany, plant physiology, biology, developmental biology.

Expert Bio

Doug Darnowski, associate professor of biology at IU Southeast in New Albany, has a B.S. in biology (Yale, '92) and a Ph.D. in plant biology (Cornell, '97), where he was a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Foundation Fellow. His lab has worked for almost 20 years on the fascinating lives of carnivorous plants and triggerplants, especially ones from Australia. Darnowski's current work looks at carnivores among wild plants in Indiana and among seaweeds. He is the author of "Triggerplants" (2002, Rosenberg, New South Wales) and also works on the intersection of art and biology.

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