Mariana Grohowski

School of Arts and Letters IU Southeast

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Areas of Expertise

Rhetoric, writing, technical writing, professional and business writing, new media, digital writing, social media, community-based writing, community-based research, dialog for community change, social justice, veterans studies, military veterans, military women, women veterans, disabled veterans, misogyny in the military, military sexual trauma, gender studies, journal editing, disability studies, feminisms, accessibility, universal design for learning, multimodality, multiliteracies, research methods.

Expert Bio

Mariana Grohowski is chief and founding editor of the Journal of Veterans Studies, a referred, interdisciplinary, open access journal. She studies and teaches the rhetorical activities of past, present and future members of the U.S. military, emphasizing the multimodal nature of meaning making and the importance for inclusive and accessible (teaching and research) practices. She is an assistant professor of English at Indiana University Southeast.

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Updated on: April 17, 2018