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Television, effects of media, science communication, environmental communication.

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James Shanahan is the dean of The Media School at Indiana University; his research interests focus on media effects and public opinion. Special areas of focus are communication in relation to science and the environment. His studies in this area have dealt with the impact of media (especially television) on environmental attitudes, the environmental content of media and the narrative structure of environmental news. He is also an affiliate of the Environmental Resilience Institute, funded through IU's Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge Initiative.

He has co-authored several books, including “Television and Its Viewers” (with Michael Morgan, 1999, Cambridge University Press).

Expert Videos

[MUSIC] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise] [Words appear: iu.edu] [Video: James Shanahan, dean of The Media School at IU, is interviewed on camera.] [Words appear: The Media School] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: James Shanahan] [Words appear: Dean] Shanahan speaks: Hi. I'm Jim Shanahan, and I'm the dean of The Media School here at Indiana University. My main duties are managing the school, which focuses on academic and professional programs covering all aspects of media. If you're checking out this video, I urge you to check out the rest of our website to learn more about our wonderful programs. In addition to being dean, my research program is focused on the effects of mass media. For about 25 years I've been looking at questions of how our use of media relates to our beliefs and understandings about the world. This research is called cultivation research, because it focuses on systematic and gradual contributions of media to our world views. From this research, we know that there are a wide variety of conceptions and attitudes that are informed by our media use. This research began by focusing on television. But in recent days, it is focusing on all kinds of media -- from video games to mobile media to other digital platforms. Another thing I focus on in my research is how media affect environmental attitudes. While there has been a great deal of focus on how news coverage changes environmental opinions, my interest has been on how entertainment media and the media system in general affect our beliefs about the environment. Because environmental problems are some of the most important ones that we face, this area of research can tell us a lot about how media systems can be used to deal with environmental challenges. I've also frequently dealt with science communication topics in general in my research. Thanks for listening. And again, please feel free to check out all of the interesting programs in our new and growing school. Thank you. [MUSIC] [Words appear: Indiana University] [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise] [Words appear: iu.edu]
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The Media School: http://mediaschool.indiana.edu

Environmental Resilience Institute: https://eri.iu.edu/index.html

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