James Hollenbeck

School of Education IU Southeast

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Areas of Expertise

Integration of technology in inquiry problem-solving; identifying and integrating constructivism and problem-based learning in a secondary science curriculum in Bulgarian, Canadian and Chinese schools; historical perspectives of the 1918 influenza pandemic and other pandemics; successful teaching strategies and use of technology in teaching science to English-language learners.

Expert Bio

James E. Hollenbeck earned his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in science education and biological sciences. At Indiana University Southeast, he is the science education coordinator and professor of science education. In 2015, he served as a Fulbright research chair in Canada, in "Integration of Technology and the Teaching of Environmental Sustainability Perceptions of Students and Teachers." He was a 2008 Fulbright senior scholar/researcher with Sofia University, researching constructivist education in secondary science education in Bulgaria. He is a visiting professor with Shaanxi Normal University in Xian, China. Hollenbeck has mentored more than 100 student research projects at IUS.

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Additional Information

CV: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Hollenbeck

Updated on: January 8, 2020