Charles Hobson

School of Business and Economics IU Northwest

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Areas of Expertise

Workplace sexual harassment, sexual harassment in colleges/universities, K-12 educator sexual misconduct, stress management, executive coaching, teamwork assessment and development, leadership assessment and development, management training, program evaluation.

Expert Bio

Charles J. Hobson has a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from Purdue University and is a professor of management in the AACSB-accredited School of Business and Economics at Indiana University Northwest, where he teaches classes in human resource management, leadership, teamwork, organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. Hobson has worked as a consultant/trainer with 193 firms (from Fortune 100 to startups) and functioned as an expert witness in 39 employment and educational discrimination cases. He has 156 professional publications/presentations, three books and two websites on human resource management topics.

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Additional Information


"Protecting Your Child From K-12 Sexual Predators Masquerading
As Teachers/Educators: Action Steps For Parents©":

"Protegiendo a su Hijo de K-12 de Depredadores Sexuales que se Hacen Pasar
Como Maestros o Educadores: Medidas de Acción para los Padres":

"Assessing and Teaching Team Leadership Capabilities: Field Testing a Behavioral Roles Approach with Business Undergraduate Students":

"Passing the Trash: A Parent's Guide to Combat Sexual Abuse/Harassment of Their Children in School":

Updated on: July 3, 2018