Kristina Downs

Institute for Advanced Study IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Folklore, legend, folklore and fender; circus, aerialists, injury narratives; amateur crime-solving communities; representations of Native American women, Pocahontas, La Malinche, Sacagawea, postcolonialism.

Expert Bio

Kristina Downs is the managing editor for the Journal of Folklore Research and works at IU's Institute for Advanced Study. She received a Ph.D. in folklore from Indiana University in 2018; her dissertation examines representations of Native American women in the United States and Mexico in relation to colonialism, gender and national identity. Her current research considers the bodylore of circus artists as well as Indiana's circus heritage. She also researches amateur crime-solving communities online. She previously worked for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and has taught for Utah State University and Northern Virginia Community College.

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"Running away with the circus, and bringing it all back home":

Kristina Downs: Folklorist and Editor:

Updated on: December 17, 2018